DM Diffusion, a leading service to your service!

With a goal of 100% customer satisfaction, DM Diffusion after-sales services aims to support you every day, thanks to a reactive team with whom you will build real trust relationship.

At your disposal before purchase, to advise and guide you in your choices or following your orders, to provide qualitative monitoring of our products, our team of experts will evolve at your side to help you ensure the brand image of your company.

A competent technical team

The processing of the after-sales service in store always means emergency.
That’s why we provide you skills and a service adapted to your needs: tele-diagnostics, quotes, repair in our own workshop...
Our technicians are your direct contacts to bring you a technical support and answer all your questions.

A direct hotline

We provide our customers a professional hot-line service, which significantly reduces the cost and processing time of your service.
Our technical team can be contacted during opening hours of your shop, to ensure a direct and optimal live advice.

A fast and efficient repair

We have a workshop at our premises to repair your equipment.
So you have the commitment to quality, we only repair with genuine spare parts.
We guarantee the transparency of our services with a simplified treatment procedure.

Training at your fingertips

We offer our customers the opportunity to receive training in our after-sales service, to optimize the use of the products we sell.
These courses have been set up with the aim to support you as best as possible through your development, and to share our knowledge and experience.

During this training, you will:

  1. Assimilate the essential principles of operation of our products.
  2. Know and master the basics of a diagnostic service
  3. Learn how to make basic repairs.
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